Alberta EQ-5D Projects Database

TitleOrganizationType of ProjectClinical AreaEQ-5D versionMode of administration
Patient Reported Outcomes- Cancer Control AlbertaAHSRoutine data collectionCancer controlEQ-5D-5LPaper
Outcomes of weight management seriesAHSProgram evaluationPrimary care- AB Healthy Living ProgramEQ-5D-5LPaper
Partners for Better Health- A Calgary zone complex high needs population initiativeAHSRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Happiness Basics: An evaluation of the implementation of positive psychology program in a university settingU of CProgram evaluationPsychologyEQ-5D-5LPaper
1) Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network- Intervention Studies (eg. CHANGE Lifestyle Program, Adult Autism Program, Senior's Community Hub) 2) Edmonton Oliver PCN- Patient Registries 3) Edmonton Oliver PCN- Routine Data CollectionEdmonton Oliver PCNIntervention study, Registry, Routine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Community/Family Practice Population Survey– a repeated cross-sectional telephone survey of the Westview Primary Care Network catchment population 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016U of A Observational studyPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPhone
Pre and post evaluation of how patients view their healthAHSRoutine data collectionBariatricsEQ-5D-5LPaper
Quality of life and economic outcomes in trauma and acute care in Edmonton, AlbertaU of A Observational study, Routine data collection, cost utility analysisTrauma and acute csre general surgeryEQ-5D-5LPaper
CHANGE Cancer AlbertaU of A Intervention studyPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap
In Primary Care & Chronic Disease Management, Edmonton Zone our staff deliver patient education sessions. We are interested in starting to measure medium and long-term outcomes of our work. Data collected will feed into our departmental dashboard for performance monitoring purposes. This work will start with a pilot projectAHSRoutine data collectionChronic disease managementEQ-5D-5LPaper
Health Status of Rural Complex Patient PanelAHSRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Health Quality Council of Alberta Emergency Department Patient Experiece of Care StudyHQCAObservational studyEmergency department careEQ-5D-5LPaper
PCN level EQ5D: Measuring Health of PatientsLakeland PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Alberta Retired Tearchers' Association Health & Wellness SurveyU of A Observational studyDiabetesEQ-5D-5LWeb
iEpi survey data collection tool: Feasibility studyAHS, AH Methodological studyPopulation health
Intake assessment for patients of the Calgary Adult Bariatric Specialty ClinicAHSRoutine data collectionBariatricsEQ-5D-5LPaper
Seniors Centre without Walls ProgramSouthside PCN Program evaluationPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Preventing self-harm and reducing suicidal ideation through an expedited regular supportive psychotherapy and assertive case management (ERSP-ACM) for at risk patients presenting to the ED: A three arm partial randomised controlled trialU of AIntervention studyMental healthEQ-5D-5LPaper
Neuro and Mental Health Research Clinic Initiative (NMRCI)U of C Intervention study, observational study, registry, and routine data collectionNeurology, Neurosurgery, Psuchiatry, PhysiatryEQ-5D-5LREDCap
The BedMed Initiative– Making Better Use of Existing TherapeuticsU of AIntervention studyCardiovascular diseaseEQ-5D-5LPhone
Measuring Orthostatic Intolerance SymptomsU of AObservational studyPediatricsEQ-5D-5LWeb
AHS - surgery SCN
COPD Outcomes ImprovementAHSIntervention studyCOPDEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Activate Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation StudyU of A Intervention studyCardiac RehabilitationEQ-5D-3LWeb
Alberta Health Services Community Rehabilitation RedesignAHSProgram evaluationCommunity rehabilitationEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap
Patient Reported Outcomes in Chronic Disease PatientsAHS, Chinook PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Carotid Chemoreception and Exercise in Health and Chronic Heart FailureU of AIntervention studyPulmonary medicineEQ-5D-5LPaper
Campus of Wellness and Care Demonstration ProjectShephers's Care Org.Intervention studyOlder adults (85+) health and wellnessEQ-5D-5LPaper
Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Kidney Practice (ePRO Kidney)U of AIntervention studyChronic kidney disease, dialysis
Routine health status measurement at Leduc Beaumont Devon PCNLBD PCNRoutine data collection and clinic evaluationPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper, web
Measurement of health status at Bonnyville PCNBonny Ville PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Ongoing PCN Quality Improvement and EvaluationSherwood Park PCNQuality improvement and evaluationPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Measurement of health status at Big Country PCNBig Country PCNRegistry, routine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
PEGASIS Pan Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of SeniorsEdmonton's Seniors CouncilObservational studyCommunity servicesEQ-5D-5LPaper, phone
Health outcome evaluation in Grande Prairie PCNGrande Prairie PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap
Integrative Medicine Patient-Oriented Treatment Evaluation NetworkU of AObservational studyPrimary care and addictions/mental health clinicsEQ-5D-5LWeb
Chronic Pain Program at Red Deer PCNRed Deer PCNRoutine data collectionChronic painEQ-5D-5LPaper
Ongoing Heartland PCN Quality Improvement and EvaluationAlberta Heartland PCNQuality improvement and evaluationPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Does Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) combined with Botulinum Toxin Type A (BoNTA) treatment improve patient reported outcomes when compared to standard management with BoNTA alone in patients with upper limb spasticity of cerebral origin? - A Pilot StudyAHSIntervention studyAdult spasticityEQ-5D-5LPaper
Sarcopenic screening and risk assessment in adults with osteoarthritis and obesityU of A Observational studyKnee osteoarthritisEQ-5D-5LPaper
Evaluation of multiple ongoing programs at St. Albert and Sturgeon Primary Care NetworkSt. Albert and Sturgeon PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Primary Care Patient Experience SurveyHQCARoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Measuring health related quality of life within a community-based projectU of CEQ-5D-5LPaper
Exercise Specialist EQ5D PilotThree Hive consulting Routine data collectionPrimary care (chronic disease management– exercise)EQ-5D-5LREDCap
Routine health status measurement at Kalyna Country Primary Care NetworkKalyna CountryPCNRoutine data collectionPrimary care, Mental Health, MSKEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap
Do patient characteristics and preoperative compartment pressures correlate with outcomes post fascitomy for chronic exertional compartment syndromeU of CRoutine data collection, observational studyMusculoskeletal foot and ankleEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Patient-centered care in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Interstitial Lung DiseasesU of AObservational study, routine data collectionInterstitial lung diseaseEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Routine health status measurement at Cold Lake Primary Care NetworkCold Lake PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Secondary Prevention of Osteoarthritis Following Joint Injury in Youth Sport: A Mixed Methods StudyU of CObservational studyOsteoarthritis, knee joint injuryEQ-5D-5LPaper
A pragmatic multi-centre randomised controlled trial of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an evidence-based COPD discharge bundle, delivered alone or enhanced through a dedicated care coordinator.U of A/AHSIntervention studyRespiratory healthEQ-5D-5LPaper
Ongoing PCN Quality Improvement and Evaluation at Rocky Mountain House PCNRocky Mountain House PCNQuality improvement and evaluationPrimary careEQ-5D-5LPaper
Community Health Worker Intervention for Patients with Complex Chronic DiseaseU of CIntervention studyPrimary careEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Quality of life following removal of a blind painful eyeU of AObservational studyOpthalmologyEQ-5D-5LPaper
Male Sexual Distress Scale: Psychometric validation in menAHSMethodological studyProstate cancerEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Clinical heterogeneity and progression of adult-onset idiopathic dystonia (AOID): a multidisciplinary studyU of CObservational studyDystonia and hemifacial spasmEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Consequences of ankle sprain injury in youth sport: Implications for post-traumatic osteoarthritis and other health outcomesU of CObservational studyOsteoarthritisEQ-5D-5LPaper
Implementation of blood pressure telemonitoring and case management after a cerebrovascular eventU of AIntervention studyStrokeEQ-5D-5LPaper
Effect of Therapeutic Art for Persistent Pain and DepressionCalgary Crowfoot Primary Care CentreIntervention studyChronic illnessEQ-5D-5LPaper
Ongoing clinical care and program evaluation at Wolf Creek Primary Care NetworkWolf Creek PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5L, EQ-5D-YPaper, phone, face-to-face
Ongoing clinical care and program evaluation at Northwest Primary Care NetworkNorthwest PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5L, EQ-5D-YPaper, phone, face-to-face
Montage - Enhanced Sternal Closure to Accelerate Post-Operative RecoveryU of CIntervention studyCardiac surgeryEQ-5D-5LPaper
Health Economic Impact of PAM50 Risk of Recurrence Score (Prosigna) to Guide Adjuvant Chemotherapy Decisions for Patients with Early-Stage Hormone-Receptor Positive Breast CancerAHSObservational studyBreast cancerEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Alberta Healthy Living ProgramAHSRoutine data collectionChronic illnessEQ-5D-5LPaper
A Multicentre, Randomized, Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled, Parallel Group, Single-dose Design to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous NA-1 in Subjects with Acute Ischemic Stroke Undergoing Endovascular Thrombectomy (ESCAPE-NA1 Trial)AHSIntervention studyStrokeEQ-5D-5LPaper, telephone, proxy
Relaxation for Critically ill Patient Outcomes and Stress-coping Enhancement (REPOSE 1.0): Pilot clinical trial of an integrative intervention to improve critically ill patients’ delirium and related outcomesU of AIntervention studyCritical careEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap, proxy, phone
Living with Colorectal Cancer: Patient and Caregiver ExperienceU of CObservational studyColorectal cancerEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap, face-to-face, phone
Embedding Shared Decision-Making in Patient-Centred Care in Community Rehabilitation Programs in AlbertaAHS & U of AObservational study, routine data collection, and mixed methods ethnographic study, with nested observational cohortCommunity rehabilitationEQ-5D-5LPaper, REDCap, phone
Building on Existing Tools to Improve Cancer and Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening in Primary Care for Wellness of Cancer Survivors and Patients: The BETTER WISE ProjectU of AIntervention studyPrimary careEQ-5D-5LREDCap
Ongoing clinical care, quality improvement and evaluation at Palliser PCNPalliser PCNRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L, EQ-5D-YPaper, phone, face-to-face, proxy, REDCap
TEMPO-2 – A randomized controlled trial of TNK-tPA versus standard of care for minor ischemic stroke with proven occlusionU of CIntervention studyStrokeEQ-5D-5Lpaper
Heart Failure Outcomes ImprovementAHSRoutine data collectionHeart failureEQ-5D-5Lpaper, phone
The Complex Care Hub: A proof of concept study to evaluate an integrated healthcare delivery system in Calgary for patients with complex medical conditionsAHSIntervention studyAcute careEQ-5D-5Lpaper, phone, proxy, REDCap
Effects of aerobic exercise on cognition and brain health in older adults at increased risk of Alzheimer disease and dementiaU of CResearchDementiaEQ-5D-5Lpaper, REDCap
NARP– Intradialytic Exercise ProgramAHSRoutine data collectionRenal disease (end stage)EQ-5D-5Lpaper
Assessing the effectiveness of a stress reduction intervention in ulcerative colitis: a prospective RCTU of AIntervention studyGastroenterologyEQ-5D-5Lpaper, REDCap
The Complex Care Hub: A proof of concept study to evaluate an integrated healthcare delivery system in Calgary for patients with complex medical conditionsAHSIntervention studyAcute careEQ-5D-5LWeb (Select Survey)
Prevalence of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome in Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Patients Treated With Dabigatran (DABI-PTS)U of AObservational studyHematologyEQ-5D-3LREDCap
Impact of exercise on patients with renal diseaseU of CObservational studyRenal disease (end stage)EQ-5D-5LPaper
Assessing outcomes of enhanced Chronic disease Care through patient Education and a value-baSed formulary Study (ACCESS)U of CIntervention studyLow-income seniors with coronary disease, prior stroke, CKD, or heart failureEQ-5D-5LPaper, phone, proxy
MATCH ClinicAHSQuality improvementHemoglobinopathyEQ-5D-5Lpaper
Intradyltic cycling– Southern Alberta Renal ProgramAHSRoutine data collectionRenal disease (end stage)EQ-5D-5Lpaper
Ongoing PCN Quality Improvement and Evaluation at Calgary Rural Primary Care NetworkAHSRoutine data collectionPrimary careEQ-5D-5L, EQ-5D-YPaper, REDCap
Cost-effectiveness of CT Colonography versus Colonoscopy in colon cancer screeningU of AValuation studyColorectal cancerEQ-5D-5LPaper

Last updated: 04/13/2018